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Below are some examples of the customization you can incorporate in your site, there are many more ways (thousands really), and with WebX, You are limited only by your imagination.
Custom Navigational Backpaths Flexible for who you are and where you are
Code block allows any command to be blocked by access group level
Manage Your Subscriptions A totally customized tool to give your users more power to easily manage their subcribtions. Control all your subs from one page.
Manage a Users Subscriptions A subset of "Manage My Subscriptions", this tool allows a sysop (operations) to manage any users subscription list. This loads as the user then returns you to the operations user when complete.
Manage My News An easy way to view new messages in specific path
Manage my Bookmarks Creates a singular page for your user to view and manage their bookmarks
Email Privacy Used to allow users to hide their real email address from public view
Password Hint To require a password hint to be able to reset a user password
LostPassword Validate Requires the user validate their lost password request via a code and link sent to their valid email address
Set Password (sysop) This is a sysop tool to easily issue a new password to a user. Sends the new password via Email to the user, and prompts for them to change it on the first login.
Code Library Similar to the WebxHarbor Free code library, this is used to upload code, files, images etc.... Works very nicely.
Disclaimer.tpl This macro forces the users to agree to the terms contained, such as a Non Disclosure agreement, terms of service, privacy agreement or what ever you'd like. The user is presented this page until such time as they agree to it. When they agree, an email is sent to operations, which can be used as proof. You can also query for all members that have agreed to the disclaimer.
Request an Account A form that is used to request an account. Form is emailed directly to your point person for adding accounts.
Recommend this site Sends an email to the specified email address with a link back to your forums
My Firm A firm code is assigned to users, which allows them to look up all other members of their specific firm. also includes voting member designation capabilities
Instant Access Group Allows the sysop to add a member to access groups with the click of a button. Options are displayed in the user info page (sysop view)
Last user visit tells the date and time a user last visited the site.
Hide Messages A tool to allow easy moderation of messages
Bozo Filter Hides all user messages based on group membership
HTML pages   Static HTML pages that are formatted with your wrapper
Custom User Info Display information on a user depending on who views it
Multiple Login tools Prevents users from registering multiple logins
BoilerPlates Pop up window that gives copy and paste Boilerplates with formmating
Read to Links Display a link to the last message read by anyone on staff
Clean up Posts Delete multiple messages in one action
Bulk Hide Used to Hide a list of messages in one action
Miricle Whip Loops through all message to find those with a specifc value
Raw Code Box To display raw code with a message with out formatting problems
Custom Membership Icons Can be used to identify staff or memebership of an specific group
Quote Sender Used to harvest user quotes, and email them
You Said It Used to harvest User quotes and display them in a specific loaction.
News Blurbs Update your top level page from within a maintenance area
Ignore Users User in their preferences can set a list of other users to ignore all posts from
Find Users Find a list of users based on name, email, or any number of custom variables
Enhanced User Info This gives a host or sysop a wide range of information about the user. Also gives tools for adding the user to access groups
Email Users This allows you to send out an email to members of any access group
IP adress tracking Allows you to detect and display to a host or sysop the users current IP address with each post
Welcome Email/reset This Macro sends a welcome email to all users of a specific group, and resets their password. Usefull when launching a site, and in cases where the Users have be added manually. Message text is controled by an input text box.
Recipe Book This is a dynamic tool.  Allows your users to enter their favorite recipes and construct a shooping list that can be edited based on what you need and printed out.  This includes a recipe book specific search engine.
Polls and surveys Create polls and surveys for your users to take
Vote2003 Create a online ballot. Track the results and document the votes.
Forum Outline Creates a outline display of all your folders and discussions Excellent for site maps.
Recommend Site Great tool for users to recommend your site to their friends
Inline Emoticons Allows your users to insert Icons to show their moods
Newsletter Create and email your users a site newletter
Greeting Give your users a greeting when they arrive to the site - very flexible
Metrics Tools to measure various site statistics
Custom Toolbars Use text or pulldown toolbars or the wide selection of button sets
TFolder Custom threading to change the stock behavoir of webx threading
Flex-Ads Tool to completely control the ads on your site.
Article Builder Web based CMS tool that allows you to build, publish, and edit articles through your browser on the fly
ArchiveX A  New service to preserve your valuable content, while keeping your database size small and Healthy.  We create navigational HTML page archives from your discussion exports that as so flexible you won't believe it.
Online Payment Tools to connect to outside online payment sites and log and process user payments
Become User A sysop tool to become a user to test, or set user properties
PopPost This allows messages and discussions to be posted via a popup window hosted off your server.
More Posts Display a listing of posts made by a specific user.  Display as many as you like.
ArchiveIt Creates an archive within the database, and links to that archive from the original folder.
This is a short listing of various tools and features. The bottom line is that in most all cases It can be done, you just have to tell us what you want.