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WebX message board software in our opinion is the most powerful, scalable, and feature rich software available. Its performance has demonstrated its ability to meet the demand. Based on WCTL - Web Crossing Template Language, It is extremely flexible and customizable. Below are listed the standard features and our Community designed custom features:

Power and Scalability

  • Integration with legacy, enterprise-class databases
  • Unlimited simultaneous users (limited only by platform capabilities)
  • Distributed and mirrored server capability
  • Many Web Crossing clients serving over 100,000 page views per day
  • has served up to 1.2 Million page views in a day 


  • Choose threaded and/or linear discussions
  • HTML in messages
  • Search engine: high performance, indexed, full-text search
  • Automatic archiving of messages
  • Newsreader access to messages (NNTP service)
  • Display user pictures
  • Edit format easily without learning HTML
  • Attach files to discussions within a conference
  • Track and view messages posted by each user
  • Profanity and keyword filter
  • Serve mailing lists
  • SMTP server
  • POP3, IMAP and web-based email for users
  • Mirror external email list server
  • Supports all web browsers
  • Online help through Web Crossing Conference and Non-Programmers' Guide
  • Bookmark favorite topics utilizing Subscriptions feature
  • Email notification of new posts
  • Setup Wizard facilitates installation in less than 5 minutes
  • XML-RPC support
  • Access via WAP


  • Remote administration utilizing any browser
  • Track user conferences in real-time (messages, users, posters, hits, etc.)
  • User login authentication with basic HTTP, cookie, or no user login required
  • Public, private, read-only, and moderated conferences
  • Validation of user email upon registration
  • Monitor server status with configuration utility
  • Analyze and create reports utilizing Web Crossing server logs and external software
  • Display advertisements, announcements, banners


  • Comprehensive customization of entire user interface
  • Two server-side scripting languages - Web Crossing JavaScript and WCTL
  • Addition of new fields to member directory, folders, discussions, messages
  • Multiple templates - customize color, graphics, text, frames, buttons, banners, etc.


  • Integrated, real-time chat
  • Display advertisements, announcements, banners
  • Web Tours - Effective for focus groups, product demos
  • Integration of member directory discussions
  • Accessible via Java-enabled browsers
  • Profanity and keyword filter

Community Customized features

  • Multiple Login Macro
  • Bozo Macro
  • Hide Message Macro
  • Read to Link
  • Boilerplates
  • Custom Folder Templates
  • Custom Usage Stats Reporting
  • Cleanup Posts Macro
  • Quote sender Macro
  • Board builder Macro
  • GoTo Macro
  • User Info Macro
  • Stale User Macro
  • Password Hint

In addition to the custom macros listed above, all webx macros are completly customizable to give you the look, feel, and functionality you need.